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About Us

MOBINE is a compound word of “Mobile+人(People)”.

MOBINE will continue its efforts to create new values with one goal to develop into a global game company that values people.

Business Areas

  1. 01
    Mobile game development & Publishing
    A comprehensive game company specializing in mobile game development and publishing.
  2. 02
    A world created by new technologies
    A new world created by new technologies such as blockchain, NFT, and metaverse harmonizing with games Aiming for a more comfortable and pleasant lifestyle
  3. 03
    G-Cross (marketing platform) support
    Support G-Cross (marketing platform) for win-win cooperation with game SMEs


2019 ~ 2020
Join ‘Adappter Life Project ‘ of MOBINE
P2E NFT (Blockchain) game R&D
Release of the remastered version, God of Go-stop ZERO
Contract with Purple Ocean Co., Ltd. to develop P2E NFT Fishing Game


2001 Development of Diet simulation ‘Fat Freeze
Development & service of 2 other games including ‘English quiz show’
YP license agreement (Rain, Hyeong-rae Shim, Nara Jang, PSY, etc.)
2002 Development & service of Battle Dance(Rain), Genius YeonGu Game
Contract with KBS for joint business of its Contents
Game service : Horror kung-kung-Tta, Women Dream Team, Men Dream Team
2003 Contract : "Legend of Mir" with Wemade, Team 5P
4 games service including "Legend of Mir", Fighting
2004 Licensing agreement with Caribbean Bay, Lotte World
3 games service: “Go-stop” for 5 participants
2005 ~ 2006 Publishing “Stupid Ahn Go-stop”, Servicing 2 games including “Burger shop tycoon“
2007 License agreement: Mr. Jae-hoon Tak, Ms. Mi-Leo Kim
Servicing : Mr. Jae-hoon Tak Gomoku, Ms. Madame Go-stop
2008 Servicing “Mr. Jae-hoon Tak Go-stop game”, “Unlimited Pet Go-stop game”
2009 License agreement for online game “Changcheon” with Wemade
Development & Service : Changcheon, Sea story
2010 Development & Service : God of Go-stop, Lotto(lottery) Go-stop, Racing Model Poker, God of Go-stop
2011 Development & service : God of Go-stop ZERO, Sindlin Go-stop, Siege of the Three Kingdoms
2012 Development & service of 14 Games : God of poker 2, Legend of Defense, Pocket Run, Angry NIJA
2013 Development & service of 15 Games : Sindlin Go-stop series, Dosajeon Go-stop
2014 God of Destruction (Selected as a Google Global Feature)
2015 Service : Fishing Masters for KaKao, Fishing mania 2
2016 Development & service of 8 games : I Love Fishing Global Version, Sindelin Go-stop
Prototype of Pocket Aquarium Project
2017 Development & service : Block puzzleking, hepundarm Go-stop,
gumiho Go-stop, Pocket Aqua, Balls, Block Puzzle King 2, Hand Spinner